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5 Tips to get the most out of Pit Prep

5 Tips to get the most out of Pit Prep

5 Tips to get the most out of Pit Prep

Pit Prep is the solution to all your body odor needs. It's made entirely from natural ingredients, and it's easy to use. People get body odor after sweating, but sweat doesn't smell bad itself. Sweat only starts to smell weird when bacteria on the skin break down proteins in sweat. After this process, you and everyone around you start to notice the newly formed B.O. This bacteria is not found only in your armpits, they are normal bacteria that live around your skin, and they are good at migrating to areas with a whole lot more sweat. To get the best out of each Pit Preparing session, try to follow these simple tips.

concentrate on the BO Zone

The B.O zone represents the areas of your body where we get the most B.O. The BOzone is made of your armpit and the surrounding areas of skin. These include the top and back of your shoulder and the upper arm area when Pit Prepping pay a lot of attention to the B.O zone.  

Start with a clean slate.

When Pit Prepping, start with a clean slate with your skin being as clean and dry as possible. Have a bath and wash the entire B.O zone with soap and water. If possible, exfoliate your armpits and the skin around it gently with a washcloth or exfoliating mitt. Allow your body to dry, and you are ready to start Pit Prepping.


After having a bath and drying up, apply enough Pit Prep to saturate your armpits but not just your armpits. Also, apply Pit Prep to the surrounding skin (the entire B.O zone). You can spray it around your body, including the chest area, to get a wide product application.

Apply some more if you have armpit hair

Pit Prep works well with armpit hair; all you'll need to do is apply enough to saturate the hairs. Applying some more Pit Prep would help let it get into the hair shaft and reach the skin beneath.

wear clean clothes after

After you are done with Pit Prepping, just let it dry. Pit Prep dries fast and isn't sticky, so you would be good to go in a few minutes. You can get dressed immediately; Pit Prep doesn't stain your clothes but try as much as possible to wear only clean clothes after you are done. Dirty clothes can have leftover B.O, and this could make the entire Pit Prepping process less effective.  


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