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Banish B.O with chemical deodorant

Banish B.O with chemical deodorant

Banish B.O with chemical deodorant

Everyone sweats, and when we do, a certain level of body odor (B.0) is produced. B.O is different for everyone, and diet, level of exercise, and lifestyle choices can affect how much B.O a person has and how it smells. 

What is a chemical deodorant?

Chemical deodorants are Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA), commonly found in nature. Asides use as deodorants AHA and BHA are used to treat skin conditions such as acne, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Common AHAs include citric acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, and lactic acid, while common BHAs include beta-hydroxybutyric acid and salicylic acid.

Why a chemical deodorant is the best choice for stubborn body odor

Chemical deodorants like AHAs and BHAs work by reducing the skin's pH to the point where body odor-causing bacteria can not grow. Chemical deodorants also work as exfoliants to remove dead skin cells from the top layers of skin. These bacteria cause body odor by breaking down proteins in body sweat. 

Compared to normal deodorants, chemical deodorants stop B.O production by stopping initial bacteria growth and have proven effective against stubborn body odor. In contrast, many normal deodorants work as antiperspirants by stopping the formation of sweat. Normal deodorants have been known to cause skin allergies and leave stains on articles of clothing. Some studies also show that certain natural deodorants may contain carcinogenic substances or substances that pose a general health risk, such as aluminum.

Chemical deodorants are easy to use and are ideal if you want a safer natural deodorant. Chemical deodorants also do not stain your clothes and are free from artificial ingredients. Regular chemical deodorant use has been shown to prevent and stop B.O formation and leave your skin looking better due to its other properties. AHAs and BHAs in chemical deodorants also act as mild skin exfoliants for your armpits. 

In addition to using chemical deodorants to help with stubborn B.O, try making some lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes. If you are into sports or other activities that make you sweat, shower often properly and only wear clean clothes. Cut back on spicy foods, alcohol, or caffeine; they can make you sweat a lot more, leading to more B.O. Try eating less garlic or onions; your sweat can start to smell like them. With all these in a place and a good chemical deodorant like Pit Prep, you are well on your way to banishing stubborn body odor for good.


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