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Chemical deodorants 101

Chemical deodorants 101

Chemical deodorants 101

What are AHA deodorants?

AHA stands for Alpha hydroxy acids and is naturally occurring in food; several AHAs are used as deodorants, such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, lactic acid. AHAs are beneficial and used for several forms of skincare, such as acne, dry skin, and deodorants.

How do AHA deodorants work

AHA deodorants work by reducing the skin's pH to the point where body odor-causing bacteria can not grow. AHAs also work as exfoliants to remove dead skin cells from the top layers of skin. These bacteria cause body odor by breaking down proteins in body sweat. AHA are acids, and acids are classified based on their low pH, so when applied to the skin surface, they reduce the skin's pH a bit within a normal range. AHA deodorants also help to reduce the quantity of oil on the skin. These oils, when mixed with dead skin cells, allow the growth of body odor-causing bacteria.

Difference between AHA deodorants and normal deodorants

Most normal deodorants work as antiperspirants and contain substances that clog your skin pores to prevent sweat formation. Since sweat isn't formed, bacteria on the skin have nothing to break down to form body odor. Some normal deodorants also contain perfumes to mask the scent of body odor formed. 

The issue with normal deodorants is that they contain aluminum and other substances that help clog sweat pores, which could be unhealthy for your skin. Also, we sweat for a reason; cooling down when our bodies get hot. Preventing sweating entirely at times may be uncomfortable. AHA deodorants work to increase the skin's pH slightly; that way, body odor-causing bacteria cant grow. Sweat is colorless and odorless as long as there are no bacteria to break down the proteins in the sweat; this is when body odor is formed.

Are AHA deodorants safe?

AHA deodorants are all-natural and are completely safe.

How do you use AHA deodorants?

AHA deodorants usually come in clear solutions and are easy to apply. When they come in a spray bottle, you have to spray it around and in your armpits. If the deodorant doesn't come in a spray bottle, apply the solution to your armpits using a cotton bud. Try a patch test on an area of skin before committing to using an AHA deodorant if possible. Consider consulting your dermatologist before use if you have extra sensitive skin.


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